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Natural unbleached,OULU brand bamboo tissue paper.
Designated products of Miss Tourism of the Globe final in 2017,OULU brand unbleached bamboo tissue paper.

On the evening of October 18.2017, the 2017 Miss Tourism of the Globe Finals was grandly held in the Ordos Grand Theater, which gathered together contestants from 62 different countries and regions.Eventually, Ukraine's Beatriks Mindak won the champion. Brazilian Paula Joseane Lima Dos Santos and Argentina's Marcela Evelyn Balik both won the second place and third place, while Chinese player Jing Wenlian reached the top 15 in the world.


Miss Tourism of the Globe Competition is recognized as one of the three major international beauty contest,has been held in China for 9 consecutive years.Contest for the development of international tourism industry and the progress of human civilization as the background, with the competition as a bridge to spread the purpose of tourism culture, which promote tourism and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the high-end tournament.The competition with its huge international influence, with the extremely high degree of concern about the beauty contest, will bring together the tourism resources around the world to promote the exchange of international tourism culture and tourism resources and promote the development of international tourism economy.On the evening performances interspersed with local characteristics of the song and dance, playing Yashi Paper advertisement promotional video.


Sichuan Petrochemical Yashi Paper Co.,Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd.,with after 27 years of innovative research and development,successfully launched 100% natural bamboo tissue paper in 2014,in the competition,the world's leading brand of bamboo pulp tissue paper - OULU natural color paper is the designated products of Miss Tourism of the Globe finals 2017.At present, the OULU brand unbleached bamboo paper brand has become a newcomer to tissue paper except the four major brands in China (Qingfeng,Jie rou,Xin xiangyin,Vinda),OULU unbleached natural paper will surely lead the sustainable development of environmental protection bamboo pulp industry and make tremendous contribution to the national environmental protection.